Vaccinations and deworming

Vaccinations and deworming are very important part of your pet health care. We offer full range of  vaccinations for puppies/kittens and adult dogs and cats. You can get advice about your pet deworming and find suitable product for your animal in our clinic at any time. 





Surgical procedures are important part of the treatment and prevention in dogs and cats. In the clinic we perform all major procedures, such as neutering and other soft tissue surgeries. The procedures are performed using safe inhalatory anethesia and modern monitoring equipment. Our clinic is equipped with electrosurgical unit. Patients with orthopaedic and neurological problems requiring surgical treatment are referred forward to specialized clinics.


Internal Medicine and disease management


Right diagnosis and treatment for your pet are our main goals. We help animals with gastrointestinal, respiratory, liver, kidney, urinary, cardiac problems. We treat hormonal abnormalities (such as diabetes mellitus, adrenal abnormalities, etc.), musculoskeletal and neurological problems. Modern equipment (ECG, blood pressure monitoring device) and wide range of diagnostic tools allows us to quickly and efficently help your animal. In complex cases we cooperate with many specialists and referral clinics. 



Dental diseases are a very common problem in dogs and cats. Proper diagnosis and treatment is necessary to prevent discomfort and pain connected with oral problems. Our clinic is equipped with advanced dental equipment (ultrasonic tartar-removal device, dental unit, dental x-ray) to provide high-quality dental care for your pet.

Skin and ear diseases


Dermatological problems frequently affect our pets' ears and skin. Proper examination allows effective management of the skin problems. Our patients are diagnosed with wide range of diagnostic tools (microscope, Wood-lamp, microbiological and allergy testing) in-side the clinic and cooperating with reference laboratories (IDEXX, Laboklin, Movet). Treatment is adjusted individually for each patient.


Eye diseases


Several diseases can affect eyes and vision. Visual evaluation, ophtalmoscopy, ultrasound, use of special stainings and evaulation of tear production provide necessary information to diagnose and treat your pet. We perfom procedures as leash removal, cherry-eye surgery and many others.

Our clinic cooperate with Pekka Sarkanen eye specialist which visits the clinic almost every month. If necessary patients are reffered for further treatment.

Official PEVISA-examinations


We perform radiographic examinations of the hip, elbows and spine.


Offical eye, knee examinations and heart auscultation are done by specialist Pekka Sarkanen once a month. More information and dates.


Heart auscultation and official echocardiographic examinations (heart ultrasound) are done by a specialist Andrea Gladuli: more information



Radiographic examinations

Patients with musculo-skeletal, cardiac or respiratory problems require radiographic examination to establish a final diagnosis and treatment. Radiographs are also used to help diagnosing problems in the abdominal cavity, such as urinary calculi, gastrointestinal foreign bodies or gastric torsion.

Our clinic is equipped with modern digital x-ray system which allows fast and high quality diagnostic evaluation your pet.

We perform official Kennelliitto examinations of the hip, elbows and spine.


Ultrasound examinations

Abdominal ultrasound examination is an importnat diagnostic tool wich allows evaluation of urinary bladder and kidneys, liver, spleen, gastrointestinal tract and many others. The examination is painless, fast, easy, and does not usually require sedation of the animal.

Preganancy ultrasound can be done starting from 28-day from mating. Late pregnancy examination can help evaluate condition of the puppies and diagnose any possible abnormalites.

Cardiac ultrasound (echocardiography) is the best way to diagnose heart diseases in dogs and cats. To provide best care our cardiologic patients are consulted and examined by a visiting cardiologist Andrea Gladuli: more information

Our clinic is equipped with high quality abdominal and cardiac ultrasound system which allows full evaluation of urinary, reproductive, gastrointestinal, thoracic and cardiac problems. 


Laboratory examinations

Diagnostic evaluation of your pet frequently requires laboratory testing. Blood examination helps diagnosing several problems, e.g. infections, kidney and liver problems, diabetes mellitus or electrolyte abnormalities. Urine is frequently checked if infections of urinary tract or kidney problems are suspected. Microscopic examinations help with evaluation of skin and ear diseases.

Our clinic is equipped with in-house laboratory allowing quick evaluation of blood and urine samples directly in the clinic. More advanced endocrynological, microbiological or allergy tests, as well as histopathological examinations, are done by co-operation with external laboratories: IDEXX (Vetlab), Movet, Laboklin. To evaluate our dermatological patients we use microscopic examinations of ear and skin scrapings, and cytology.


We provide progesterone and genetic testing. We are equipped with an analyzer which allows us to  measure progesterone level in-house. The test requires one blood sample and the results are available within 1 hour.  

Microchipping and pet passports

Identification of your pet is essential when you think about travelling abroud. Your pet needs European Pet Passport, microchip identification, valid vaccinations and deworming  before departure. 

Check with us all the documents and we will get your pet ready to travel .

Litter inspections

Litter inspection provides health check up for young puppies. Certificate is issued for the breeders and owners stating health and general condition of their pet. Microchipping and kennelliitto registration can be done at the same time.

First aid, emergencies and day-hospital

We provide first aid and emergency treatment for critically ill pets: in-house laboratory testing, radiographic and ultrasound examinations, surgieries and day-hospital. We co-operate with Heslinki University Hospital and Eläinsairaala AISTI in case our patients require long-term hospitalization.


Exotic animals

We provide health checks, first aid and treatment for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, mice, rats and other small exotic pets. Special dietary treatments are available in our clinic. We co-operate with exotic animal specialists and refer our patients for further evaluation if necessary.


Nail and hair care

Nail and hair care at home are sometimes challenging or even impossible. Qualified nurses in our clinic can help you with that issue. If your pet is very uncooperative light sedation might be necessary. We offer basic nail and hair clipping, ear cleaning and baths.


Laser therapy

Treating patients with chornic pain, arthritis and skeleto-muscular injuries is very chalenging . Laser therapy is a safe, painless alternative tool which improves lives of these patients. Laser treatment is used also for dermatological and trauma patients, as it improves wound healing and skin regenaration.

Our clinic is equipped with moder K-Laser system and well trained staff who can advise you about the possible treatment.


Treatment of acute and chronic musculo-skeletal injuries, as well as neurologcial conditions is frequently challenging. Physiotherapy helps reducing pain and increase mobility of the affected areas and allows pateints recover faster after surgical interventions. Physiotherapy is also essential for sport and hobby dogs, to maintain long-term health and best performace.

Physiotherapist Jonna Pråhl-Nieminen visits our clinic weekly. Contact us to get an appointent and consultation.

Euthanasia and cremation

Uncurable diesease can make your pet's life very difficult. Euthanasia is a painless way of putting an animal to sleep.


We co-operte with Suomen Eläintuhkaus for animal cremation.  


Petfood, medicines and care products

We offer wide range of pet medical and care products, deworming, tick prevention and petfood. You can find both daily and special veterinary diets on our shelves. More particalar diets and products can be ordered for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for consultation. You can order the food here